Anyone of worldwide galleries and the 90+ nationwide that showed in the annual Texas Art Honest earlier this weekend will probably agree with something: Texas is about building connections serious. And undoubtedly with these associations that are great comes great company. It’s that procedure that I’ve observed develop in the last five decades and increase I’ve joined the function. What’s truly distinctive about that fair reaches that is a that isn’t quickly discovered within larger towns and what’s truly unique about Texas. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m certain there have been lots of VIP occasions and top end meet-UPS but there have been also available request after-parties where everybody from Correspondents to dallas-based designers danced with enthusiasts worldwide gallerists, and local students. What goes on away from manageable fair that is sized enables visiting with designers and galleries to really spend some time within the town more linking with Texas being house and an arts location to some successful arts group. That which happened within the reasonable was a scattering of pictures that are extraordinary throughout two surfaces in the F.I.G Building in Downtown Dallas. Texas Factor, – Arthur Peña

60, Katherine Bradford Inexperienced, 2016, Polymer on fabric x48 in. Thanks To EUROPE Gallery.